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01. Services

saddle fitting

Saddles are made in width variations as horses come in different shapes and sizes (along with the people who ride them).

I provide a very detailed saddle fitting service to ensure the tack is right for both the horse and rider.

Please check my saddle fitting page for a more detailed explanation of the saddle fitting process.

My initial saddle fitting charge is £60. Any flocking adjustment or additional work will come with an extra charge.

Saddle Fitting
02. Services

bespoke saddles

I have developed a successful partnership with Farrington Saddles of Walsall.

New saddles normally take 2 – 3 weeks from the initial visit to the fitting session with the new saddle.

I also have a selection of second hand saddles available.

All second hand saddles are thoroughly checked before being offered to customers.

03. Services

Leather goods

I create leather items from scratch. Please check my Leather Goods page for a detailed list.

Over the years I have had requests to make a varies selection of items ranging from the common place item to the obscure. If you have something in mind, please get in touch.

I pride myself on being a traditional craftsman and use only quality British materials and traditional tools.

Coloured reinsimg
boots, brown, girl
04. services


Often a good repair of an older, good quality item is a better option to purchasing replacements of often a lesser quality. Many good or well loved items have been discarded or thrown away when simple repairs could have been made.

I can repair leather and some non leather items for equestrian, field sports and other uses. 

Visit my Repairs Page for an extensive list of items I can repair.

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