1. Fitting of new bespoke saddles supplied by me.

2. Fitting of second hand saddles provided by me.

3. Fitting of new and second hand saddles from other sources

4. Checking saddle fit as a result of horse shape, behaviour or simply if the owner wants general peace of mind on tack fitting correctly.

5. If a saddle has sustained damage and needs to be checked

Saddle fitting costs £60.00 per visit and then additional for flocking adjustment or other work undertaken.  If the saddle is purchased from me the fitting is inclusive on the occasion of purchase.  

Saddles are made in width variations as horses come in different shape and sizes, so do the people who ride them.  Sometimes when a horse changes ownership and comes with tack a new owner may not always know if this tack has ever been fitted professionally to the horse.  

This need for saddle fitting and adjustment can also be required if a horse has changed shape due to level of work or feeding.  People often think that once a saddle is fitted that is the only time it requires checking and fitting however over years or even months a horse can change and therefore a saddle may be rendered ill fitting and of detriment to the horse and rider. Whilst the main riders size and preference are taken into consideration the main aim of a saddler is to ensure that the saddle is correct for the horse.


The saddle fitting visit and process

1. The horse should have a bridle on for control and I will look over  its body whilst it is held. I will ask questions about its age, history, fitness, work, grazing, behaviour and intended use.  

2. I will look over the horse to check for any lumps, bumps, pressure points or signs of damage  along the back . I will also consider the horses confirmation, shape and back contour.

3. I will then place the saddle directly onto the horses back without a numnah. Checking its balance, line and fit.

4. The saddle will then be girthed up and the horse mounted by the main intended rider to see how the saddle fits with a rider in place.  

5. I will watch as the rider puts the horse through each pace to see how the saddle reacts with the horses movement.

6. At standstill I will look at how the saddle has settled down onto the back to check that there is clearance along the spine and over the withers.

7. If the saddle needs adjustment; some minor adjustments can be made on site as I have mobile equipment whilst other adjustments may be needed to be done in the workshop. I will take the saddle and it can be collected when finished from my workshop.

I am one of a few saddlers who has the specific mobile equipment required for on site alterations.

It is advisable to get a horses tack checked at least annually for fit and wear on leather or stitching for safety purposes.

To book your saddle fitting, call me on

07752 461 944