Standard Headcollar
a selection of products i make by hand:


-Bespoke bridles of any type for miniature to heavy horse
-Flat hunter style
-Show bridles
-Double bridles
-Grackle and jumping bridles
-Running gag bridles
-Anti poll pressure bridle (unique design produced in conjunction —with professional show jumper)
-Head collars simplistic to detailed
-Long full Chaps and short calf chaps
-Farrier chaps / aprons
-Tendon boots or other types of leg protection
-Knee boots
-Double reins
-Flat reins
-Rubber reins
-Martingales and breast plates of any type
-Training aids for schooling
-Hoof boots or donkey boots


-Rocking horse tack
-Shoulder bags
-Laptop/ iPad/ Kindle/ tablet and carry cases
-Phone cases and carry cases
-Tool belts
-Military belts and attire
-Vintage car accessories
-Dog collars and leads
-Greyhound / Lurcher neck cuff
-Thick collars and harnesses for big dogs
-Extra small and harnesses for miniature or small breeds

I welcome new item requests so please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Double gun slip
Game Bag
shooting and field sports:

I produce many products for the field sports arena and have been commissioned to make numerous bespoke cartridge bags, gun slips and other field sports attire. 

I make items from not just leather but other materials such as cordura (Heavy duty nylon canvas).

I have produced many items that are unique and customers often ask for items for use in their work or hobby.  I have made many things from knife and phone sheaths to unique game stand peg holder/ carriers for the Duke of Westminster’s shoot.

I have designed my own simple waterproof wrap over leggings appropriate for trudging through wet foliage and these have proven very popular.

Please feel free to contact me  to discuss unique or standard items you require


Disabilty Adaptions

I have worked closely with riding for the disabled and individuals with the need for adapted equipment. I can adapt existing items or make new items from scratch to suit the individual need.  I have also developed many adaptations for non equestrian purposes.
I welcome any enquiries about the possibilities of adaptations and will work with customers to see what can be made achievable.
-Reins for people with little hand strength and dexterity or coloured reins.
-Stirrup toe covers to aid the foot from slipping through the stirrup for people with low leg and foot mobility often such as riders with   cerebral palsy
-Simple saddle handles for security
-Adapted knee and leg blocks added to standard saddle to create more stability
-Foam and leather protection for grips that can become painful due to pressure on a persons body such as walking stick handles,   crutches and wheelchairs.