a good repair of an old, good quality item is often a better option to purchasing a replacement

 Many good or well loved items have been discarded or thrown away when simple repairs could have been made.
I can repair leather and some non leather items for equestrian, field sports and other uses. Below are some examples but as a rule if it possible for me to make it then it is possible for me to fix it.


-Saddles –stitching/ tree/girth straps/ d rings.
-Reins – replace rubber on reins / re-stitch /   re-size / adapt standard reins.
-Head collars.
-Driving harnesses.
-All rug repairs – rips / tares / replacement   straps.
-Riding boot and chaps- replacing zips / re-   sizing calf of riding boots extending or   decreasing size/ adding zips to non zip   boots.
-Protective horse boot straps.
-Hunting equipment and tack


-Cartridge bags – new shoulder straps /   reinforcing old leather that has become   weak.
-Gun slips – new zips / new straps and   handles.
-Game bags.


-Hand bags – handles/zips / buckles etc.
-Brief cases.
-Any leather carry cases.
-Vintage or antique luggage.
-Musical instrument carry cases.
-Motorcycle leathers and equipment /   saddle bags / carry cases.
-Vintage car accessories.
-Military, safety and security service equipment.
-Non leather equipment covers.